Helen Keller Elementary School

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School Information

School Information

School Uniform Policy

Girls   Niñas
Navy Blue Jumper or Skirt      Falda Azul –Marino
White Blouse        Blusa Blanca
Navy Blue Sweater         Sueter Azul-Marino
Red Tie/Bow (Optional)        Corbata/Mono Roja (Opcional)



Boys            Niños
Navy Blue Pants (Cords or Slacks)    Pantalones Azul-Marino (Con o sin tirantes)
White Shirt (Polo or Regular w/buttons)    Camisa Blanco (Marco Polo 0 camisa regular con botones)
Navy Blue Sweater or jacket     Sueter o Chamarra Azul-Marino
Red Tie (Optional)     Corbata-Roja (Opcional)


Dear Parents,

Please submit all Emergency Card and Contact information to the school by completing all forms as soon as possible.  Please update contact information as needed if any changes occur- phone number/address. Student safety is very important to us here at Helen Keller Elementary.  Please speak to your child at home about being safe on their way to and from school.  Please go over all safety rules and guidelines that you would like for your child to follow on their way to and leaving school.  Also, review safety protocols listed in the Parent Handbook that was provided to you at the beginning of this school year or at your enrollment to Helen Keller.

Reminder, please do not wait for your child in the school parking lot and ask them to walk/run over to you.  This is very unsafe and could lead to an accident.  Many SUV’s and other cars can not see the children as they attempt to walk/run over to you. 

Please wait patiently and do not remove the cones in the parking lot.  The cones are in place for student safety.  If you have a meeting at school or require handicap parking, please place the cones back in their spot once you have removed them. 

The sale and purchasing of any food items are goods is not permitted on school property.  This is an unsafe practice that can lead to an accident because students do not adhere to safety rules when seeking to make a purchase.

Please do not take someone else’s child from school without their permission.  The sheriff and police offices are called in all situations when parents are unaware of their child’s whereabouts.

We thank you for your cooperation with our efforts to keep all students safe.  We ask that all adults model proper traffic and crossing procedures. 

We need parent volunteers to assist with arrival and dismissal.  This only requires twenty to thirty minutes of your time.  We are interested if you can work only one day a week or if you can work all five.  Please sign up in the school office.  You will be able to use a City of Lynwood vest to signify your role as a safety volunteer.

Thank you,