Dear Helen Keller Families:
As you know, Helen Keller will be closed from March 16th through March 27th. We have provided workbooks to all students. All teachers have setup a Google Classroom where you can log in daily for additional activities they can do while at home. Teachers will be available through their Google Classrooms as well as through their email for support. 
Kinder - Ms. Cardenas link
Kinder - Ms. Houston Link
Kinder - Ms. Orellana  link
1st Grade- Ms. Carrillo Ms. Carrillo's Google Class
1st Grade- Ms. Macareno Ms. Macareno's Google Class
1st Grade - Ms. Mata link
2nd Grade- Ms. Delaney
2nd Grade- Ms. Smith
2nd Grade- Ms. Tengan link
2nd Grade- Ms. Williams  link
3rd Grade- Ms. Canon link
3rd Grade- Ms. Dhunna Class
3rd Grade- Ms. Moreno link
4th Grade- Ms. Kwon Ms. Kwon's Google Class
4th Grade- Ms. Rodriguez Ms. Rodriguez Google Class
4th Grade - Mr. J.Torres Mr. J. Torres Class
5th Grade- Ms. Meza Ms. Meza's Google Classroom
5th Grade - Ms. Rodriguez (Lawrence) Class
5th/6th - Mr. A. Torres Google Classroom
6th -Mr. McNear Class 1   Class 2 
6th - Mr. Oduntan
Science 2  
RSP Ms. Tucker - link
Parent Resources (k-6)  Click here   Ask questions, fun lessons, family resources
Yamiler Varela
Helen Keller Elementary